Renewable Energy  

Power to change the world

Give the gift of wisdom, hope and power. This documentary set explains how people like you and communities using renewable energy provide hope that we will achieve a sustainable future. Renewable energy sets the stage for a world where political and social autonomy is possible, energy crises are history, climate change is halted, and oil/nuclear war can be averted. See how it's possible to live an ethical existence today while providing hope for a better future for our children.

Featured in this timely documentary are award-winning scientist and world-renowned environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki, Chris Turner author of the Geography of Hope, which is on the "Globe 100" list of the best books of the year, and Right Livelihood (the alternative Nobel prize) award-winner Dr. Hermann Scheer, the architect of the German Renewable Energy Act.

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Hope for a Change DVD

1. Hope for a Change DVD, 60 minutes
2. Wilson Natural Home DVD, 25 minutes, more...
3. The Solar Village DVD, 45 minutes, more...

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“Amazing video.” - Nichen
“I just love the way these people are thinking and we as the people have to wake up and see that we can power ourselves when the climate for that is created.” - Bogt
“This is the next revolution.” - DMHIII


David Suzuki
Dr. David Suzuki - The path we are on is not sustainable.
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Hermann Scheer
Dr. Hermann Scheer - 100% renewables is totally achievable in five to ten years.
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 Chris Turner
Chris Turner - Perspective from the author of The Geography of Hope.
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Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country
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