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The challenge of the century is the imperative to move to 100% renewable energy. First we must come to appreciate the land and nature in the way that indigenous peoples from time immemorial have as a god. A new way of thinking and seeing the world is imperative. Science is telling us that we've reached beyond the limits of what our mother earth can sustain.

Dr. David Suzuki

Humans must now act upon the great breakthrough of our species. Foresight gives us the ability to look ahead and avert the dangers. Seeing the implications of climate change we can choose to change our way of seeing the world, our way of doing things and act on our ability to change things through ideas.

Tools that we can and are using include:

  • Biomimicry - copy the way nature does things eg. use solar, wind, geothermal and biomass
  • Ecology - adjust economics systems to conform to the principles of ecology
  • Copy - follow the lead of countries like Germany that are leading the world

The following video is the complete speech that Dr. David Suzuki gave at the World Wind Energy Conference in 2008.

More about Dr. David Suzuki - click here.

Chris Turner
Chris Turner

People all over the world are showing that we can make the move to renewable energy. Hope exists all over the world in the many examples of people leading the charge.

Taking examples from his book The Geography of Hope we can learn from communities like:

  • Samsø, Denmark
  • Freiburg, Germany
  • Indonesia
  • Earthships, Arizona, USA

More about Chris Turner and his book The Geography of Hope - click here.

Recent articles by Chris Turner:

The following video is basically the complete interview done with Chris Turner, some of which was included in Hope for a Change.

Hermann Scheer
Dr. Hermann Scheer

The changes we need must happen in the next three or four decades as we approach three critical limits. First, the finite reserves of non-renewable's (fossil fuels and uranium). Second, increasing demand for energy. Third, increasingly destructive impacts from global warming. Combined these threats pose the greatest challenge ever faced by society. Our children's future depends on our rapid move to 100% renewable energy everywhere.

Economically, socially and scientifically the only way to avoid disaster is a global switch to 100% renewable energy. Only this can realistically address the challenge. No other option can be implemented as fast. Only with renewable energy is the reserve and growing demand problem resolved, and yes sufficient free supply is available, with more than 1000 times more renewable energy reaching earth from the sun (and available equitably and locally everywhere in the form of solar, geothermal, biomass and wind). By rapidly reducing and eventually eliminating the emission of carbon, global warming can be averted with many economic, social and political benefits.

The secret ingredient for making this transition to sustainable renewable energy is a simple idea. Copy the lead of Germany and implement fully a Renewable Energy Act that has the following requirements:

  1. Guaranteed access to the grid
  2. Guaranteed long term price
  3. No limit

With these three simple laws all countries can follow the lead of Germany and make the switch to 100% renewable energy in the next ten years. Germany has implemented more than 20,000 MW of new renewable energy in the past two decades using older technology. Now, with the latest technology, a country like Canada, specifically Ontario for instance, could easily implement 20,000 MW of wind power in the next five years. Combined with the existing hydro power this would make Ontario 100% powered by renewable energy. Where is the problem? The problem is only in the mind. Technically, economically and realistically the fastest, most beneficial way for Ontario to beat the economic down turn and prevent global warming is to switch to 100% renewable energy in the next five years.

Using non-polluting, equitably available renewable energy we can then maintain economic, social, political and individual autonomy. Peace, freedom and happiness can be ours in a world that need not war over resources. That is the ultimate hope for a change envisioned by this documentary.

The following is the complete speech that Dr. Hermann Scheer gave at the World Wind Energy Conference in 2008.

More about Dr. Hermann Scheer - click here.

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“Amazing video.” - Nichen
“I just love the way these people are thinking and we as the people have to wake up and see that we can power ourselves when the climate for that is created.” - Bogt
“This is the next revolution.” - DMHIII


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