Renewable Energy  

Take Action

At all levels, as a global community, a country, province/state, city, and household we all take action to ensure a sustainable economy and environment with the ideas presented in this documentary. Here is how:

  1. Watch this documentary, Hope for a Change. Then see The Solar Village and Wilson Natural Home for practical solutions for you, your company or your community.
  2. Implement efficiency measures. We can all reduce the amount we consume by as much as 90%. Most of us could easily reduce by at least 50%.
  3. Switch to renewable energy for your electricity consumption.
  4. Invest in renewable energy like hydro, wind and/or solar and get paid.
  5. Convince others to do the same.

For more information about renewable energy and to connect with other like minded individuals join The Solar Village.



“Amazing video.” - Nichen
“I just love the way these people are thinking and we as the people have to wake up and see that we can power ourselves when the climate for that is created.” - Bogt
“This is the next revolution.” - DMHIII


David Suzuki
Dr. David Suzuki - The path we are on is not sustainable.
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Hermann Scheer
Dr. Hermann Scheer - 100% renewables is totally achievable in five to ten years.
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 Chris Turner
Chris Turner - Perspective from the author of The Geography of Hope.
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Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country
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