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Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country

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    John Wilson is the founder of the Natural Life Network. He lives in an award-winning sustainable home near Toronto, Canada. The Toronto Star newspaper has said "When it comes to living green, you can't do much better than the Wilson family."

    Projects and work that John Wilson is a part of:

    Natural Life Network - founded this group as means of sharing information on sustainable living

    Sun Rise: Your Complete Guide to Sustainable Living - a book that details how to achieve a sustainable lifestyle

    Natural Living: The Wilson Natural Home - a 25 minute documentary about his award-winning sustainable home

    The Solar Village - online community for sustainable development and documentary video

    SunFest - an annual open house that provides the public an opportunity to tour a working solar/wind powered home

    Hope for a Change: Renewable Energy - documentary video as featured on this web site

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    Hope for a Change
    DVD Cover Image

    Dr. Hermann Scheer
    Dr. Hermann Scheer

    Dr. David Suzuki
    Dr. David Suzuki

    Chris Turner
    Chris Turner


    Why did you make this documentary?

    People need something to believe in for the future. The doom and gloom regarding our environment and economy creates a problem in and of itself. People living in constant fear without hope become apathetic. In order to achieve change people need to be inspired by something that is clearly achievable and preferable. I think that is what we've achieved with this documentary. Each day I work towards a sustainable future it is with this and my children's future in mind.

    How is this part of resolving the economic crisis?

    Economy exists within the global ecology. In order to create jobs and real long-term value that won't disappear when the resource is gone we must switch to renewable's. By making the switch to 100% renewable energy the driving force behind economic stimulus globally, a sustainable economic foundation will be established that won't collapse when the oil, uranium, and coal run out. Using local indigenous renewable energy also stabilizes and balances economics within ecology. Like the internet or living systems, distributed, independent energy generation creates a level of autonomy that is far less susceptible to the current credit disease that has spread rapidly globally. A Renewable Energy Act as it has evolved over the past ten years in Germany provides an economic model that is balanced and autonomous like natural systems. In the short term, combining the Renewable Energy Act with large scale infrastructure development of national electricity grids in support of decentralized, distributed smart grids, the future will be both ecological and economically sustainable.

    Media Contact

    John Wilson




    “Amazing video.” - Nichen
    “I just love the way these people are thinking and we as the people have to wake up and see that we can power ourselves when the climate for that is created.” - Bogt
    “This is the next revolution.” - DMHIII


    David Suzuki
    Dr. David Suzuki - The path we are on is not sustainable.
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    Hermann Scheer
    Dr. Hermann Scheer - 100% renewables is totally achievable in five to ten years.
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     Chris Turner
    Chris Turner - Perspective from the author of The Geography of Hope.
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    Renewable Energy Could Power the Entire Country
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